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The delightful seaside town of Whitby not only offers its visitors an award-winning beach, it is undoubtedly one of the most historically fascinating towns on the Yorkshire coast. The magnificent Whitby Abbey dominates the skyline, side by side with the 12th century St Mary’s church. The grade 1 listed Abbey has served as a King’s burial ground, an ancient settlement and the inspiration behind Bram Stoker’s world-famous Dracula novel. To learn more about Whitby’s Dracula links visit the Dracula Experience on the marine pier, although prepare yourself because you’re in for a fright! For other heart-pounding experiences in Whitby, why not book a place on one of the town’s many organised ‘ghost walks’ or ‘paranormal tours?’ You will learn about urban legends, folk tales and horror stories of the many spooky sightings around the town. Captain James Cook, the famous explorer moved to Whitby from nearby Staithes to begin his career on the seas when he joined the navy as an apprentice. He now has a memorial statue in front of the Royal Crescent in Whitby. The town also has a distinctive whale bone arch which commemorates Whitby’s whaling history. Other events in Whitby include the twice yearly Goth weekends and the annual Whitby Folk Week; the biggest of its kind in the country. If you’d prefer to explore Whitby at your own pace, try a walk along the Cleveland Way National Trail. Stretching for 110 miles, this route offers some of the most stunning scenery in the area. Or simply wander through the maze of alleyways on the quayside with their ample cafes and cosy pubs for hungry visitors. Only one place is must-visit on the Quay: The Magpie Café. Trading for over seven decades, the magpie chefs are in a league of their own for all things seafood, especially fish and chips. Don’t be put off by the queues; they are there for a reason! Whitby offers a wide range of accommodation including bed and breakfasts, self-catering cottages and camp sites. There are even one or two luxury boutique hotels nearby. A bonus for Whitby’s guests is that most of this accommodation is just a short stroll away from the lively town centre so you can leave the car behind.