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Come on Yorkshire, Spring is just around the corner!

The latest government news promises some important updates on 22 February. Schools are planned to reopen and the hospitality sector expects some easing to the tough rules currently in place.

On a high note the vaccination programme is progressing and we are well on the way to giving the elderly and vulnerable the protection they need. Despite the addition of virus variants, the government remains confident of controlling this pandemic. We must soon start to rebuild our lives and bring our economy back to normal. We should be grateful for the government's support to businesses but it still has to be paid for.

The hospitality and tourism industry are major contributors to Yorkshire's economy and we need your loyalty and support to get our businesses back to health. Many businesses have suffered with little income last year coming from the stop-start opening and closing; the winter only added to their troubles.

So, Easter traditionally marks the start of the tourist season in Yorkshire and we remain confident that the restirctions will be eased to give us all the freedom to roam the North York Moors, the Yorkshire Dales and our wonderful coastline.

Use Yorkshire Holidays to give you some ideas of where to go, what to do and where to stay. Why not make contact with some of our advertisers to enquire about bookings? There is sure to be a rush to book when the restrictions are lifted.

Come to Yorkshire: after all, there is nowhere quite like it.


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